About me

Lending a hand is like landing a plane – not easy but it is worth it. Asking for help is like flying on a plane – we may be scared but sometimes it is the only way to go from A to B.

Dessi Lashkova

My name is Dessislava Lashkova and therapeutic work brings inspiration and energy to my days. My meeting with Gestalt Therapy came in a more mature phase in my life and I felt this was for life. I graduated the four-year training in Gestalt therapy in 2016 with the first, pilot group in Bulgaria and in parallel I did a Master’s degree in Psychology. I believe in life-long learning and continue my professional development with various trainings and master classes.

Apart from Gestalt I have rich experience in organizations, in the sphere of human resources, people management, training, coaching and development. I am a facilitator of leadership and soft skills trainings. I have been working as Gestalt Therapist with individual clients for more than 5 years now and also co-leading therapeutic and experiential groups.

I love working with dreams and use the Gestalt dreamwork approach in my work with clients. My diploma thesis was devoted to it and I continue to implement the Gestalt dreamwork approach in my work with clients.

I am fascinated by the beauty of the self-headed journey. I find travelling the road together with my clients a unique and touching experience and I am respectful and excited about it.

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